Before you can drive around freely in your car, you must have your vehicle registration document on board. It is the essential document that the police ask for in the event of a roadside check. It is therefore important to understand the value of this card. In this article you will find two essential functions of the vehicle registration document.

The identity document of your vehicle

The main information about a vehicle is contained in the vehicle registration document. The vehicle registration document is simply the identity card of a vehicle. There is no such thing as an important piece of information that is not on the vehicle registration document. Remember that it contains the various fiscal and technical characteristics of a vehicle. To identify a vehicle quickly and easily, simply look at the vehicle registration document to see the registration number, model and make of the vehicle. Many people confuse the vehicle registration document with the title of ownership. This is not the case, as it only serves as proof of the existence of a vehicle. Furthermore, with the vehicle registration document you can find out how often your vehicle is repaired and what follow-up is required. To find out, for example, the date of the first inspection of a car, you just need to consult the vehicle registration document.

Obligatory part of an insurance policy

For your safety on the road, you should take out compulsory insurance. You cannot drive on public roads without insurance. And when you want to apply for insurance, you should know that the vehicle registration document is the essential document that must be prepared first. It confirms the existence of the vehicle and attests that you are the owner of the vehicle to be insured.

However, when you sell your vehicle, don't forget to transfer the vehicle registration document to the name of the new owner. Because without a name change, you cannot take out insurance in your name. And legally, you have a period of one month to carry out this name change. Understand that the vehicle registration document allows you to avoid police harassment. It also allows you to.